Sentry Safe Fire-Safes Water Resistant

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Lost combination


Please note: Due to security reasons, the applicant must be sent by fax ( 2356 2111 ) or E - Mail ( or WhatsApp ( +852 5285 8900) to our Company Sen Wai International Company Limited. Our data processing group will follow up.

Apply combinations that require a signed, notarized statement of ownership. Combinations will delivery on or before 48 hours.


Combinations application will be charged HK$ 700 for administrative costs. Pls pay in advance and then fax or email the remittance stub to us. When we received the fax or email, we will call to verify and confirm the receipt of application. If the application process is completed, we will notify the applicant in person by e-mail. All application is confirmed, will not be able to cancel and refund.

Payment method :

Bank Transfer

  • Account: Sen Wai International Co. Ltd
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking: 400-772984-001
  • Please issue your contact and phone No. on the remittance stub and fax back  23562111 or e-mail to us for verification


Application Information :


Personal Owner

Company Owner

Full Name

Company Letter with chop required


Full name

Model No.


Serial No.

Model No.

Remittance stub

Remittance stub


Serial No.


BR Copy



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