Sentry Safe Fire-Safes Water Resistant

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  1. Please make sure release the key lock first then use the combination.

             UNLOCK               LOCK

  2. No password memory system for Model 1610,1635,1640, the replacement of electrical processes such as more than 10 seconds, the password will automatically reset back to the original password. If you forget your password please check the original password or contact us.


    Gently press down the handle.
    Pull up the handle and repeat two or three times.
    Key in your combination, the green light on and hear the cick sound and push down handle and open the safe.
    Caution: Who have changed the battery is still not open the safe, it recommended customer first unplug the battery more than 24 hours then plugin new battery to try it again or contact us. 


  4. Error light on means your combination is incorrect. Please visit our service page.
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