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Application for Renewal of Maintenance Scheme


Thank you for your support of our Sentry Fire Safe Products. This scheme is valid in HONG KONG only.


Application for renewal terms:

1. The maintenance contract and service will be commenced upon receivable of payment 

2.  Maintenance fee is non-refundable.

3. Warranty Product: Customers who wish to apply for product maintenance renewal, requires proof of purchase invoices and the renewal fee for annual is HK$ 1100.00 to extend the maintenance period.

4. Non-Warranty Product: Customers who wish to apply for product maintenance renewal.

The Company will be the first send a maintenance staff to do a routine inspection at a cost of HK$ 1,100.00 (for most of models)  or

HK$ 1,350.00 (For model: SFW123BDC,SFW123BSC,SFW205BXC,SFW123UDC,SFW205UPC,S6770,,S8771,). 

After completion of inspection/repair, the customer can apply the maintenance renewal at cost of HK$ 1,100.00 for annual

5. Maintenance service does not cover:

a) An invalid, unregistered or incorrect serial number is provided.

b) The damage is due to misuse.

c) The unit has not been installed maintained or operated in accordance with the instruction furnished by the manufacturer or authorized distributor.

d) Any repair or modification other than by the authorized distributor has been carried out on the unit.

e) The unit was damaged by a natural disaster.

6. Service in outlying islands and closed areas is required longer time to arrange and additional fee will be charged.

7.  The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims, or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the products.

8. If the location or surrounding is impeded and caused the Company cannot conduct inspection or repair service under the safety condition, customer should provide a safe and appropriated facility, such as ladder, working platform or scaffolding; or dismantle and restore the product to the place by customer. Any cost and related application is responsible by customer.

9. While providing service under maintenance period, customer must present the original maintenance documents or e-mail for confirmation, otherwise, the service would be on charge basis.

10. Renewal period can enjoy free application for battery case.

11. If the product cannot repair, customers can purchase the same type of product with factory price

12. Free telephone support service in office hour

13. In case of any dispute, the Company reserves the right for final judgment and decision.*


Caution: Due to security reasons, the applicant must be sent the following information by fax ( 2356 2111 ) or E - Mail ( or Whatsapp ( +852 5285 8900)

to our Company Sen Wai International Company Limited. Our data processing group will follow up.


When we received the fax or email, we will call to verify and confirm the receipt of application.


Application Information:

Personal Owner

Company Owner

Full Name

Company Letter with chop required


Full name

Model No.


Serial No.

Model No.


Serial No.


BR Copy


Payment method:

1.Check payment:

· Payable: Sen Wai International Co. Ltd

· Mail Address : Flat A, G/F, Gee Chang Industrial Building, 108 Lok Shan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

· Please issue your contact and phone No. at the backside of check

2.Bank Transfer:

· Account: Sen Wai International Co. Ltd

· Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking: 400-772984-001

· Please issue your contact and phone No. on the remittance stub and fax back 2356 2111 or e- mail to us for verification



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