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SENTRYSAFE China, Hong Kong and Macau sole distributor


Strict statement


To the valued customer:


Thank you for supporting our products. SENTRYSAFE fireproof and waterproof storage products have been well received by all walks of life, and it is clear that the products can provide effective protection for precious items, but this has also led to many low-quality counterfeit parallel imports on the market.


In view of the recent receipt of many customer enquiries and complaints, products purchased from certain stores (not our franchisees) have product quality problems. In addition to similar appearance, the rest of the product materials or functions are seen with our franchisees. Depending on whether there is a difference, individual cases also have fire protection products that are not fireproof.


In view of this, we specifically asked the US SENTRYSAFE manufacturers to confirm that the products were not provided by them, and the materials used may not pass the UL and ETL tests, and the actual fireproof and waterproof effect is doubtful. As the general agent in China, Hong Kong, China and Macau, the company strongly condemns these stores that offer inferior counterfeit products on behalf of SENTRYSAFE.


In addition, due to the receipt of customer inquiries, the company hereby declares that any products that claim to be imported or supplied by the manufacturer. The company does not know and cannot confirm whether the genuine products produced by the SENTRYSAFE factory, the company will not accept the inquiry or repair, these products will never enjoy any maintenance provided by the company.


If you are inquiring about whether the goods purchased are genuine or if the store is our franchisee, you can contact us. Thank you!







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